1 Able Locksmith
Affordable Citrus County Locksmith Services

We believe in old fashioned values. We live here in Citrus county, our kids go to school here. Our customers are our neighbors and deserve to be treated fairly at an honest price. We believe that a company that provides a service to someone in an emergency situation should not take advantage of that person by overcharging for that service. We treat our customers the way we would like to be treated. We incorporate this simple principle into everything we do.

Community service has always been an important aspect of our family life and it is at the heart of our business as well. Our goal is not to obtain a one time customer, our goal is to build lasting relationships within our community that allow our customers to know that their homes, families and businesses are secure in the hands of a company that cares.

In the beginning...

The path to opening 1 Able Locksmith service has always revolved around mechanics. My family will tell you I was born with a tool box in my hand. My wife jokes that my first words were snap on. As a teenager I was interested in automobile mechanics. As a young adult I owned and operated an automotive repair business. Little did I know the experience I gained by trial and error back then would be a huge asset for me today in the automotive aspects of my locksmith business.

My wife and I served as volunteer firefighters and medical first responders for many years. We served as certified search and rescue specialists on our department as well. In all those years of training, safety and security were job one. Not only for ourselves, but for our fellow firefighters and our community. Although the method of serving our community has changed, the values and the importance of safety and security are still job one.

In my late 30's I was employed as a mechanic for a large construction company who held contracts with many of our military bases and other government entities. It didnt take my boss long to realize that I had a strong mechanical background in other areas besides automotive and put me to work on job sites where I repaired and installed all types of locks. My boss would often say to me "You're like a good workhorse; I can use you for everything."

5 years ago I moved to Florida and began working for a locksmith who recognized the mechanical ability I had acquired could be a huge asset to him. The knowledge I brought to the table from past experience and my own natural mechanical abilities enabled me to add clients to his business that he would not have otherwise been able to service.

With years of mechanical and locksmith experience under my belt it was time to branch out. The opening of 1 Able Locksmith was the next step in a long journey of experiences. While writing a business plan for our new locksmith service, we decided that we could be of benefit to our community by offering a mobile service, keeping our overhead low in order to pass the savings on to our customers. We are commited to offering excellent service at an affordable price.

Our clients range from nuclear power plants with high security needs, to commercial and residential clients, to folks locked out of their homes, businesses or vehicles. No matter what your security needs may be we hope to have the opportunity to provide professional, affordable service to you.

Now that we are here...

When you place a call for locksmith services to 1 Able Locksmith, you can rest assured that you are receiving experienced, professional service. Your security and the security of your family, home and business is of the utmost importance to me. I go the extra mile to insure that you are not only satisfied, but also secure. I have a long history of commendations for excellent service from major automobile emergency roadside clubs, residents and businesses of Citrus county and several larger